Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time for leg day!

Last time we did legs we decided to split them up on two days .We now do quads one day and then hamstrings and calves another day. I really want to work had on my quads to make them freaky.
This is how we trained the quads.

Started off with Leg press. I did 3 - 4 warm up set and slowly went up in weight set by set. I then started doing a working set on 8 plates for 20 reps. Next set I managed 9 plates on each side for 20 reps.The last set ended with 10 plates on each side for 20 reps. I am finally back to heavier weights after the neck injury.
We then moved over to Hack squats. I started warming up for 3 sets. I did my first hard set with 3 plates on each side for 20 reps. 2nd set was 4 plates for 20 reps. I was surprised how easy it was and I put on one more plate for the last set. 5 plates on each side in hack squat, I was very pleased. I did 12 reps which I am really satisfied with.

My legs were burning now but we had one more exercise before we were done. We did alternate leg extension. Working one leg in a time can be good to make sure the both legs get same resistance and work force. We did drop sets with 10-10-10 so in total 30 reps in each set.
After 3 sets my legs were killing me and we were done.
I have been sore now for 3 days and I enjoy every bit of it since I know this will give result of growth in my legs.

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