Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In UK training for growth

October 19, 2010
Since my husband Kris Gethin is here in UK to work then we decided to make the best of our training here at the same time. We are now back and training where we both started, in Europe, with more rough,basic and hard core gym. We have less comfort both with food and gyms but we know this will just make us better and stronger.

We have the fortune to have two of or best friends close by us, Dorian Yates and Neil Hill.

I will report our progress here and also show some of our workouts with Dorian and Neil.

My weight was this morning 177lbs. Let’s see how much it has changed and how different I look by the end of the year.

This past weekend we stayed with Dorian in Birmingham and trained at Temple Gym.

Here is a clip from some of the workouts.

Leg workout

Dorian killed my legs so I couldn’t walk properly for days. That’s high intensity for you;-).

We did 2 warm up set of leg extensions and followed with one set to failure. Next exercise was leg press and we did again 2 warm up and then one hard working set to failure.

Our legs were pretty shaky by now but we moved on to the Squat rack to do squats. We did one warm up set and finished our quads with a working set to failure. You feel like a wimp since the weights are so low, but I can tell you all your legs hardly keep you standing at this point so any weight is heavy.

We rested for 10 min before starting off with hamstrings. First of was 2 supersets with legcurl and stiff legged deadlifts. Then a short rest pause before we went on to do standing alternate leg curl. The legs were so done by now.

Dorian reminded us about the calves and took us over to the calf machines. I knew by now that he had more pain in mind for us.

We did two warm up of standing calf press and one working set in which we first went to failure, walked off the machine and walked 10 steps and then back to machine again to do more reps to failure, another walk of 10 steps and back again to finish off the exercise with more reaps to failure. This killed my calves.

But he wasn’t finished with us. We went over to the seated calf machine and did the one and only set there. But what a set! He loaded on so much weights that I never managed to do ever and forced me to do every rep he told me to do. I knew I had no other choice than to do it and take the pain. Wow!!

We were finished and already after an hour after the workout I could feel how my legs started to get stiff and sore. A great feeling!

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